South Central Pillaiyar Nonbu

Pillayar Nonbu 2017, Houston TX

Dear South Central Nagarathars!

Greetings from Houston,

Please mark your calendars for participating in this year's Pillayar Nonbu celebrations to be held on 12/23 and 12/24.

The Houston Nagarathars would like to invite you all to Houston to participate in this year's Pillaiyar Nonbu celebrations on the 23th of December, 2017 and receive the blessings of Lord Pillaiyar.

It will be a two day event as in the past. The venue will be Hyatt Regency North .

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Pillayar Nonbu

Pillayar Nonbu is celebrated to signify the destruction of Gajamuhasuran by Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha defeated Gajamuhasuran on Markazhi Sashti day. The day falls on the 21st day after Thiru Karthigai . It is also the day on which Sashti thithi and Sathayam star come together.

On the day of Pillayar Nonbu

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